Hello there, and welcome to my personal webpage.

I’ve been writing on and off the internet for years, so I figured it was about time that I got my own permanent place. I’ve designed everything to make it fairly easy to navigate.

On the front page (which you can always get to by clicking “Home” or my name at the top of any page), if you scroll/swipe down, you’ll see my various writing projects sorted by category.

There’s also a menu at the top of every page (it may look like 3 horizontal bars on some devices) that will let you navigate to other sections as well. If you’re looking for my writings on Romania, then click here.

If you want to make a bookmark to go straight to my personal blog, then you can use this link. You can always find my blog posts by going to the main menu and then selecting “Thoughts (Blog)”.

Welcome to my site, and I hope you have a wonderful time exploring all of the good things I’ve assembled here.

-Sam Cel Român