The 747ers

747erscoverTHE 747ers

My first work of fiction (372 pages):

On a cold night in the heart of winter in Iowa, Robert Callahan accidentally finds himself locked out of his apartment building, about to freeze to death. He’s rescued fortuitously by a strange priest who wears an airplane emblem around his neck as a badge of office.

Later, Robert discovers that the priest is a member of an enigmatic cult that worships airplanes. Known only as The Brotherhood, the mysterious group jealously guards one of the greatest secrets in history, the origins of civilization itself.

But when one of their members goes rogue, the Brotherhood’s secret is about to be revealed to the world and only Robert can help them prevent this. His curiosity getting the better of him, he is slowly and inexorably drawn into the tangled web of the Brotherhood’s secrets and conspiracies, and has to mount a desperate rescue mission into the heart of Romania in Eastern Europe in order to save humankind.


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